Our values and what you can take advantage from us.

ViralFOMO is a media buying agency serving the crypto and blockchain sectors.

And our name

A blend of "Viral" and "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out), embodies our primary mission for your projects:

To instantly create a strong sense of urgency around your product or project and then amplify that effect lightning-fast, reaching the broadest audience in the shortest time possible.

Since 2021

ViralFOMO has been deeply involved in a multitude of projects that define the crypto and blockchain landscape. We've actively participated in the 2021 GameFi wave, including Click2Earn and Move2Earn initiatives. Our expertise also extends to the rise of memecoins, notably led by Shiba Inu, and delves into the intricacies of Liquidity Staking Derivatives, both LSD and LSDFi. Then, by capturing the emerging ecosystems like Solana, Aptos and Arbitrum at their inception, we've been able to guide our clients in project promotion and marketing, ensuring their campaigns resonate with the intended audience.

Our Value

The Performance

At ViralFOMO, we believe our strength lies not just in our historical involvement but in how we leverage this experience to benefit our clients. Beyond providing media services, we offer invaluable advice and insights. Drawing from our hands-on experiences, we guide our clients through the ever-evolving crypto landscape, ensuring they're always a step ahead and making informed decisions.

The Budget

Leveraging our extensive experience and a team structure rooted in Singapore, combined with efficient management of our global remote team, working with ViralFOMO ensures not only expert guidance but also significant cost savings for your project.

Our Work and Clients

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