5,000 Users Participated In Airdrop Contest Hosted By SpaceDogeInu


About Project

Space DogeInu ($SPD) is a dog-themed meme coin, calling itself not a meme coin but “a new trend”. This is a cryptocurrency that was born by fans and members of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community. The coin is named after Elon Musk's Shiba Inu.

$SPD holders will receive a lot of benefits from trading fee rewards and contribute to charity to disaster-hit areas in over the world

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Service Needed

Airdrop Contest Promotion

The Challenge

Community is an integral part of any successful Meme Coin project, with no exception for SpaceDogeInu. This is the newest Meme Coin project featuring a lot of benefits and rewards for its holders in their Loyal Holders Rewards Program.

Space DogeInu is a second chance to some and the first chance for many. The team aims to lead the DeFi adoption; therefore, growing a solid community was their main business goal that helped lead the project to success and rise together with the SpaceDogeInu Community.

In order to receive mass adoption from the community for the $SPD token, ViralFOMO team has given a hand in promoting their 1st Airdrop Contest to 5,000 participants with a broader marketing campaign, and worked with crypto influencers to send out free tokens and raise awareness from the communities.


Participants were successfully acquired with well-filtered out of spam accounts.

Our Achievement

Airdrop Contest Promotion

  • 5,000 participants were obtained resulting from 3 Twitter influencers attribution.
  •  Target influencers who specialize in giveaways promotion with proven campaign results. 
  • Micro Twitter crypto influencers commited to spread the hype about airdrop contest.
  • Authorize content and schedule posts depending on the most interactive timeline.