Community-Driven AlgoDAO Continued Growing After Successfully Acquired 10,000 Organic Twitter Followers


About Project

AlgoDAO is a community-owned and community-driven DAO, Incubator, Launchpad, and Innovation Pool purpose-built for the Algorand network.

AlgoDAO serves as a primary market ecosystem that aids the rapid realization of Algorand’s mission to eliminate the technical barriers that hamper the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. As Algorand eliminates the technical barriers, AlgoDAO eliminates the economic barriers by providing access to a DAO-governed incubator and primary market infrastructure that enables builders to access funding at scale.

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Service Needed

Boost Active Twitter Followers

Boost Active Telegram Members

Boost Giveaway Participants

The Challenge

AlgoDAO is an open community-owned, and community-led DAO focused on providing access to funding, resources, and support to blockchain developers interested in building on the Algorand blockchain. It also serves as a DAO-governed incubator, accelerator, and launchpad with market infrastructure and priority access for early-stage and high-quality projects in the Algorand network.

As AlgoDAO is intentionally open for all projects intending to build on Algorand ecosystem, the team wants to look out for ViralFOMO marketing service to grow their community members and attract potential institutional investors. At the same time, building market trust is important, and it helps the project mitigate the risk and prove its credibility and authority.

With that all being said, AlgoDAO team can expect to continue growing exponentially and prospering in the Algorand’s Web3 ecosystem while getting more eyeballs on the launchpad and better exposure from target audience.


Active Twitter Followers has been acquired organically


Well-targeted Active Members joined the group.


Participants joined Community Giveaways

Our Achievement

Boost Active Twitter Followers

  • Method: Promote with Twitter KOLs who are interested in:
    - Algorand Blockchain
    - Layer-1 Launchpads.
  • Targeting:
    - No fake accounts.
    - Crypto End-Users.

Boost Active Telegram Members

  • Targeting:
    - Recent active members within 24 hours.
    - Filter fake and spam Telegram accounts.

Boost Giveaway Participants

  • Partner with crypto Twitter influencers who have a significant number of followers and engagement.
  • Promote with massive giveaway campaigns and high rewards to attract crypto users to join.
  • Prewritten content and scheduled posts based on the most active time of the day.