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About Project

"Twins" NFT Collection Created by Netta and Amit based on a true story of twin sisters Hagar and Netta who struggled with eating disorders from the age of 12 and expressed their experiences through artistic creation.

Together with professional artists, Netta adapted and digitized the art she and Hagar created 20 years ago during the peak of their struggle with eating disorders, to forge the Twins NFT Collection of 8888 unique pieces.

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The Challenge

The "Twins" NFT Collection is not just a NFT project. It is based on a personal story of the EyeSeeYou's founders and their original artwork aiming to create cross-continent communities built around shared challenges, experiences, and struggles.

Through this aspiring project, community, and donations, the twins hope to help as many people struggling with eating disorders, emotionally and financially as possible. 33.33% of all EyeSeeYou proceeds will be donated in Hagar's memory to support eating disorder treatment.

As EyeSeeYou awareness spreads, the twins wanted to bring their potential further to people around the globe. They brought in ViralFOMO team to help expand the meaningful narratives and cultivate a strong community of dedicated members. 


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Our Achievement

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