’s Robust Method to Grow 15,000 Telegram Members Effectively


About Project is the world’s most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem placing Hollywood decision-making onto the blockchain and into the hands of creators and fans. liberates film, TV and NFT creators and empowers fans.

Having launched the world’s first filmmaking industry DAO, replaces centralized power with transparency and inclusivity by handing over the governance of the industry.

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The Challenge was built on the concept of DAO in which fans and creators have control over the decision-making process for greenlighting movies. With that said, anyone in the DAO will have access to and can participate in the ecosystem.

As wanted to grow as a filmmaking ecosystem on a bigger scale around the globe, they have created a highly concentrated social sphere for creators where they can promote their films, build a loyal fanbase, and set for success right in creative zone.

To do that, the team's robust method to create the hype is to grow a solid community of fans on Telegram, with a little help from ViralFOMO Team. As people start to know more about, the team can be sure to work on further development, and fans can show their support for the project where they believe in achieving greater success in the future.


Active Telegram Members has been added in the channel.


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Our Achievement

Active & Normal Telegram Members

  • Create hype around the project with a great number of Active Telegram members who can potentially engage in the community.
  • Leverage Twitter KOLs to help expand the growth and promote community effectively. 
  • Build strong social proof with beautiful number of Telegram members.