HederaStarter Launchpad Obtained 5,000 Active Telegram Members During Bear Market


About Project

Hedera is a unique DLT, and therefore a typical dApp that simply launches tokens onto a standard smart contract platform simply will not do.

HederaStarter has been designed specifically to break the mould in terms of both pure technical features, as well as the mindset guiding the team which will form the culture of the coming Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem.

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Service Needed

Boost Active Telegram Members

Boost Whitelist Participants

The Challenge

HederaStarter is the decentralized innovation engine crafted for Hedera. Run by a team of highly-experienced founders and developers who are capable of funding and launching projects, HederaStarter aims to become the leading launchpad platform that serves users in the Hedera ecosystem.

As the team's primary goal is to build a healthy relationship with the Hedera Community, they were looking for a well-developed marketing package that helps expand their community on Telegram and deliver quick, high-quality results. At the end of day, it serves HederaStarter success with their community success.


Well-targeted Active Telegram Members joined the group.


Participants were successfully acquired to the Whitelist Giveaway Contest.

Our Achievement

Boost Active Telegram Members

  • Twitter KOLs.
  • No spam accounts. Active users only,

Boost Whitelist Participants

  • Boost successful whitelist competition and giveaway rewards to acquire 1,000 joining participants.
  • Filtered Twitter KOLs who specialize in promoting giveaways and whitelist contests.