PharaGods’s Growth Method To Obtain 6,000 Online Discord Members


About Project

PharaGods is a project composed of 2000 NFTs hand crafted by Matt Millard in collaboration with David Masson on Ethereum Blockchain. They unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting edge product.

They have helped design the look of iconic characters for some of the largest films out there: Ready Player One, Venom, Wonder Woman, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Mulan, It Chapter 2, Lost In Space, A Wrinkle In Time, and most recently Thor: Love and Thunder and WandaVision with Marvel Studios.

PharaGods NFT

Service Needed

Boost Organic Discord Server Members

Boost Online Discord Server Members

The Challenge

Just like other NFT Collections, PharaGods was built on a mission to nurture and honor an artwork inspired by the ancient Egyptian Gods through a sequential series of marketing activities, including networking opportunities, leadership voice, curated daily content, and more.

As community plays a vital part in their NFT Collection's growth, the team has taken this chance to give back to their supporters and expand virtually to the Metaverse world with its first ancient museum ever.

On a greater mission to have a positive impact in the sphere, the team's priority is to build a transparent community where they get strong support from PharaGods holders with the Ancient Gods which allows them to deliver meaningful messages and bring the project to success.


Organic Members has been added to Discord Server.


Floor price maintained on Opensea.

Our Achievement

Boost Organic/ Online Discord Server Members

  • A successful growth of 6,000 Online Members.
  • Boost FOMO Discord Campaigns leading to phase 1 & 2 were sold out.
  • ATH Price: 4X