SolanaPrime Community Has Expanded With 17,000 Active Telegram Members


About Project

SolanaPrime is the Solana-powered, token- and NFT-based, fully decentralized IDO launchpad platform aimed at fulfilling a wide range of web3 use cases on a global scale.

SolanaPrime is poised to establish itself as the gateway for the burgeoning metaverse gaming economy, powering its unique in-game NFT item economy and metaverse DeFi functionalities.

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Service Needed

Boost Organic Telegram Members

Boost Organic Twitter Members

The Challenge

As an ever-growing Launchpad dApp on Solana, SolanaPrime was developed with the concept of being an ultimate launchpad with built-in solutions to tackle the scalability and efficiency problems of current launchpad designs. Fuelled by academic expertise and innovation, SolanaPrime aims to become the most efficient, venture-funding Web3 platform out there.

SolanaPrime's ultimate goal in influencer campaign marketing was to promote their project to the right people and investors so that they could find SolanaPrime as a primary market gateway for the next generation of DeFi, GameFi and Metaverse dApps to launch on the Solana ecosystem.

As a result of the successful influencer/ KOL campaign, we have managed to acquire 17,000 Active Telegram Members with 2,583 Organic Twitter Followers and filtered out real users who are most likely to engage in the community.


Well-targeted Active Telegram Members joined the group.


Organic Twitter Followers gained in 2022 bear market trend.

Our Achievement

Boost Organic Telegram Members

  • IDO Investors
  • No fake accounts. Active Users Only.

Boost Organic Twitter Members

  • Method: Promote with Twitter KOLs who are interested in:
    - Solana Blockchain.
    - Layer-1 Launchpads.
  • Targeting:
    - No fake accounts.
    - Crypto End-Users.