Tangent Finance’s Growth Method to Acquire 1,200 Members on Telegram


About Project

Tangent is one of the first decentralized exchanges to launch on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

Their ultimate goal is to change the landscape of decentralized finance on the Hedera Hashgraph network. Besides, what's unique about Tangent is that they leverage their own distributed L2 scaling network to provide users with the fastest trading experience possible on Hedera.

Tangent Finance Logo

Service Needed

Boost Organic Telegram Group Members

Boost Giveaway Participants

The Challenge

Hedera is a brand-new blockchain with small number of active users, but it's the most undervalued crypto network with a supportive community in the crypto space.

As the first DEX on Hedera to leverage its application-specific L2 infrastructure, Tangent focused on building an effective method by partnering with HederaStarter launchpad platform and expanding its networking ability to reach its target audience.

The team reached out to ViralFOMO, looking to grow its members base on Telegram and leverage its current resources to fuel the Tangent community and Hedera ecosystem. With that being said, we kickstarted our marketing campaigns by running exciting promotional giveaways and building a community on Telegram to promote the only working trading solution fully running on Hedera.

The results? Check out the post below to see how we did it.


Well-targeted users joined the groups and do not leave until now.


Participants who joined massive giveaway campaigns

Our Achievement

Boost Organic Telegram Group Members

  • Targeting: Crypto end-users who are extremely familiar with Hedera blockchain.
  • 1,200 well-targeted users joined the groups and do not leave until now.

Boost Giveaway Participants

  • Run massive giveaways targeting users who are interested in Hedera blockchain.
  •  Target Twitter influencers who can promote and create hype around the project with proven campaign results.