Whalepad Has Successfully Acquired 40,000 Participants In Airdrop Contest


About Project

WhalePad is the Decentralized and Multi-chain Launchpad that allows everyone to create their own Tokens and launch them optimally. 

Their goal is to provide a secure environment for all Whale ecosystem investors and project owners. With this in mind, they have put in place all kinds of procedural protections necessary to keep dangerous and deceptive behavior off the platform.

WhalePad Logo

Service Needed

Airdrop Contest Promotion

Twitter & Telegram Content Production

Google Ads Optimization

The Challenge

At the peak of modern representatives, WhalePad aims to advocate for users to continue using their ultimate LaunchPad. They are the 1st self-served launchpad platform that supports projects from pre-IDO to CEX listing, gives revenue back to its Stakeholders, and provides a safe environment for all investors in the Whale ecosystem.

As an ever-growing Launchpad protocol with the vision to become No.1 Protocol in Crypto Launchpad, the team brought in ViralFOMO to help promote the brand to the public via Airdrop Contest Promotion, Twitter & Telegram Content Production, and comprehensive Google Ads campaigns to attract high-quality customers in WhalePad's extensive network.

With a strong community backup and dedicated marketing strategy, our team was able to reach the marketing goal with an incredible number of 38,859 participants acquired to the airdrop contest while fostering WhalePad to become one of the most notable launchpads in the ecosystem.


Participants were successfully acquired with well-filtered out of spam accounts.

Our Achievement

Airdrop Contest Promotion

  • High-Traffic Website Banners.
  • Twitter KOLs.

Twitter & Telegram Content Production

  • Daily Content Production following project pre-defined roadmap and events: Function Visualization, Project Feature Announcement …
  • Well-design infographics, banners, tutorial videos going along with well-structured text contents.

Google Ads Optimization

  • Manage to run Paid Search Ads and Google Display Network.
  • Targeting: Project Owners, Blockchain Developers.
  • Handling Ads-Disabled Issues.
  • Conversion Tracking Setup.
  • Optimize CTR & CPC.